Sunday, October 30, 2011

With Halloween approaching my wife and I (along with the rest of my family) spent the afternoon taking pictures of my little girl Addison amongst a pile of pumpkins and hay. She will also be 6 months old on November 2! I for one can not quite believe that. Before I share some of those with you here I wanted to reflect on how amazing some of our technology can be. In an instant I can upload photos to a blog or my Facebook page and share them with anyone I know no matter where they live. Almost as quickly they can save and print them right there at their computer desk and hang them on the fridge.

So what we do that sort of thing all the time right? I am reminded when my Grandma comes to town of just how much harder it was to share pictures and all the other happenings of our lives not so long ago. Nearly every time I see her she has at least a couple envelopes full of pictures to give to me.

Technology is something else huh?

... And now here she is sorry you had to read through my rambling. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

Addi's Daddy


  1. It is always funny to talk to grandparents about what they had to do "back in the day" and how much less convenient everything was. One thing that I think about is the simple fact that from now on, everything is going to be documented so much better than is was in the past. Of course, one of technology's main points of focus is convenience. Everything is slowly getting more convenient. We will be saying the same thing our grandparents did someday. "Back when I was young, we actually had to plug the camera in to transfer photos."

    I also wanted to mention an new app that Apple has created. It is called "Cards." The app allows you to choose a picture from your photo album on your iPhone and incorporate it into a card. You then pay $2.99 and Apple will actually print the card with your picture and mail it out for you to the address you provide!

  2. First, and most importantly, OH MY GOSH IS SHE ADORABLE!
    Second, it is SO much more convenient being able to share things like pictures on Facebook and such. There have been a few times when people have asked to see pictures of something and I say, "oh, they're on my Facebook!" Continuing with convenient, having a smart phone! It used to take me a while to want to upload pictures from my camera. I felt like I had to take a substantial amount, then make time to do it. Now, with the click of about two buttons I can take the picture with my phone and upload it immediately. It's great!