Sunday, November 6, 2011

Social Plasma

For my birthday this year my wife got me a 50 " plasma tv!  I couldn't believe it either and I'm not sure where she found the money but there it is.  So why in the world would you care about my new tv?  Well aside from looking quite nice and being humongous it also has a wifi internet connection that would allow you if you are so inclined, to view facebook and twitter via TV based apps.  You can even tweet about a show right on screen while you watch it (though I am not sure what the point would be).  One of the much more useful things (in my opinion) is being able to watch Netflix or Youtube right through the TV.  Of course I could do so through my Xbox or Ps3 but its just one less step and would be nice for people who do not have those machines.  I am really impressed at how well those two things work and amazed at how far the afformentioned services have come since their inception. 

Doesn't seem so long ago that my computer made sounds like it was exploding (dialup) when I wanted on the internet and I had to record shows on things called VHS tapes. 

Who knows where we go from here.

Addi's Daddy


  1. I agree about your statement talking about where will we go next. I just love sitting and thinking about where we will go from where we are now. I mean we presently have 3D TV and I am still just waiting for the holographic tv that comes out next that we can see from any direction that actually has depth to it! I mean from where we have came from analog tv to 3D tv it doesn't seem to be to far in the distance to think about!

  2. Haha. Sooner or later, there will be a function for tvs to take the step out of the "one less step". Maybe it will be all telekinetic! That would be super cool. I always enjoy your posts. :)

  3. Thanks Kylee, and yes telekinetic, holographic tvs would be freaking awesome! I want a little hologram disk like in Star Wars for a telephone... though you would have to remember to be properly clothed depending on who you call = )... Anyone know if the new Droids or Iphone will have a hologram transmitter?

  4. I've heard recently that Apple is going to enter the television market. They already have the Apple TV box, which allows apps like Netflix. It also allows you to stream photos, music, videos, and more from your iPhone or computer. They are now rumored to be working on an actual Apple branded television. Knowing Apple, it will likely have the most innovative technology in terms of applications and overall display quality.