Sunday, November 20, 2011

Opening Day (week 13)

This Saturday November 19 was the beginning of deer seaon (for guns that is). I personally have never gone before but this year my Dad and I went to and old friend of ours place and went hunting. If you have never been hunting anything before it usually involves sitting around hiding and waiting or attempting to track and follow the particular beast you are after. I guess that is why it is called hunting and not shooting or fishing and not catching if you were out looking for fish. After a day of hunting we saw about 8 deer but they were all very young and tiny. No size requirement exists for a deer to be shot but it didn't seem worth it at the time to harvest such a young animal. When you do get a deer you have to go to the nearest check in station where they record all of the statistics of the deer. They report all of those things to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife so that they can know things about the deer population and in this way they can know something about the health of the heard. Recently they have come up with a way for you to not have visit a check in station in person. You can go to the wildlife department's website ( and enter your social security number and some other information about yourself and then fill in some information about the animal you took. You can even do this on your android or apple phone and then head home.

Anyway we didn't end up getting a deer on Saturday but we had a great time hunting with a great old friend and being out in the woods together.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ugh Google calendar.... Where did I put my day planner?

With all of the fantastic ways to stay (or get) organized these days ranging from applications on our phones, Google calendars, and I am sure many more it is a wonder that any of us ever forget about anything. You can even organize all of your things to do on your computer and then have them synced to your Droid or Iphone. All of these things are nice and would probably help a great deal but I have yet to really get into using anything like this to keep track of everything I have going on.

Am I the only one that would still rather write down what I need to do? Which (if any) of these types of programs work the best for you ?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Social Plasma

For my birthday this year my wife got me a 50 " plasma tv!  I couldn't believe it either and I'm not sure where she found the money but there it is.  So why in the world would you care about my new tv?  Well aside from looking quite nice and being humongous it also has a wifi internet connection that would allow you if you are so inclined, to view facebook and twitter via TV based apps.  You can even tweet about a show right on screen while you watch it (though I am not sure what the point would be).  One of the much more useful things (in my opinion) is being able to watch Netflix or Youtube right through the TV.  Of course I could do so through my Xbox or Ps3 but its just one less step and would be nice for people who do not have those machines.  I am really impressed at how well those two things work and amazed at how far the afformentioned services have come since their inception. 

Doesn't seem so long ago that my computer made sounds like it was exploding (dialup) when I wanted on the internet and I had to record shows on things called VHS tapes. 

Who knows where we go from here.

Addi's Daddy