Sunday, September 18, 2011

Being a Child at Heart (week 4)

Being a dad at this stage in my life is quite interesting.  I am 23 and in my last year as a full time student at the University of Central Oklahoma and juggling all the different things in my life can be hard to do.  Who am I kidding I love it.  I have always loved children and now having my own is even better... They're so funny, when they begin to talk they tell us some of the most simple and honest things we will ever hear. 

I guess its their sweet innocence and ignorance of the world and nearly everything in it coupled with their infinitely large hearts for everyone and everything in their world that make them at times so sweet and so honest. 

As I think of all of the things that I grew up with and all of the new things that seem to come along daily nowadays I wonder what marvelous things our children will experience?

Will they still have Facebook pages loaded with pictures taken in the bathroom mirror?  What new things will they see, do, and create? 

Will they lose that heart of a child as a result of some of these things?

Or will we all go on as we have for centuries just with ever expanding technologies and new pathways of communicating with eachother?

Share your thoughts and I will see you all in another week! 


  1. First, I think it's AWESOME how genuine you are about your love for children and of your own. :)

    I have a niece, age 7, that is already posing in front of a camera, peace sign thrown up and her lips puckered in a kiss. HOW CAN I EXPLAIN TO A SEVEN YEAR OLD THAT SHE IS MAKING HERSELF LOOK STUPID?! I think the world of social media starting with myspace for myself, has absolutely ruined the way we speak and think. Now, I know that I'm overreacting, but there's a hint of truth. I don't think people would've put so much information about themselves online had it not been for social media. Sorry, I will stop ranting now. :)

  2. Thanks Kylee,
    = ) Its nice to know that I am not the only one that gets irritated about this sort of thing. A month or two ago I was visiting my aunt (my mom's younest sister) who has 3 younger kids and I could not believe the things that her oldest daughter (12 i think)was doing. She has a Facebook with more fake friends than I ever dreamed of and knows way too much about who all the celebrities are dating and all the other things that they are up to. I couldn't believe my aunt just let her be on the computer so unrestricted like that... to me that is stuff no 12 year old needs to be concerned about....

    As for explaining to a 7 year old how stupid they are making themselves look its probably like explaining most things to kids... Hopeless = D

  3. I bet kids will be messing around with intergalactical internet. Same premise only much more complicated! They will have jet packs and robots that teach them stuff in the most scientifically proven, successful way. Probably different depending on each childs needs. Our kids may grow up playing with each other through 4d rooms that make real life visits unnecessary. Oh I have more. But Ill save it for class! HAHA

  4. Last semester, I did a big report called "Digital Detox" for one of my classes. The report was centered around the idea that we need to find a balance between productivity and distraction with technology. To be honest, I get scared thinking about future generations and how much of the world they might miss out on because of technology. The digital age is becoming a paradox. As more efficient technology comes out, we are getting less efficient and more distracted. I hope that we can keep the next generations from getting even more distracted as new technology becomes available. What are some things that can be done to prevent them from getting too distracted?